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• Joyful stress release • Unifying team building
• Active meditation • Empowerment through rhythm

Richard Reiter's Training

B.A. Psychology

M.M. Music Education

NJ Certified Music Teacher

Highly acclaimed jazz musician

Emmy award winning composer

Drum training: Arthur Hull, Sidy Sankhare (Senegal)

Workshops attended:
Omega Institute
Morristown Hospital Mind/Body Center
Jan Kinder (Deepak Chopra)

Partial list of Past Workshops

First Nights
Red Bank Jazz Festival
Montclair Adult School
Co. College of Morris
Fairleigh Dickenson U.
Temple Sinai, UJA
Carol G. Simon House
NJ Symphony Orchestra
Valley Home Care
Shelter Our Sisters
Far Hills Country Day
Edgemont School
First Congreg. Church
Jewish Comm. Center
Outpost in the Burbs


      Have a great time celebrating rhythm with Richard Reiter's "Spiritual Drum Circle" workshop. Participants drum together in this exhilarating and unifying activity. Reiter studied African drumming in Senegal and he brings many drums and percussion instruments for everyone to use (but bring yours if you have some). No musical training is necessary! Spiritual Drumming helps people experience a closeness with their fellow drummers and feel more exuberant about being powerfully alive.
      Richard Reiter is uniquely qualified to facilitate a drum circle with any type of participant, including those with special needs and learning issues. He has a B.A. in Psychology, M.M. in Music Education, New Jersey Music Teacher Certification, and is a student of Arthur Hull (the guru of drum circles) as well as a nationally acclaimed jazz musician and Emmy Award winning composer. Reiter has attended workshops at Omega Institute, Morristown Hospital Mind/Body Center and Starseed Yoga, and has become one of the area's most prominent drum circle facilitators. Reiter always looks forward to collaborating with the professionals at venues who engage him.


Click here to watch Richard Reiter lead his Spiritual Drum Circle Workshop
at East Brunswick Library (EBTV cable TV show) and
Red Bank Jazz Festival.

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Richard Reiter in Senegal, with master drummer Sidy Sankhare

     Can all the members of a large group communicate with each other simultaneously and have a great time doing it? According to Richard Reiter, that's the purpose of the "Spiritual Drumming" workshops he leads with both adults and children.
     Reiter, a nationally recognized jazz musician (saxophone, flute, clarinet), studied African drumming with master drummer Sidy Sankhare in Dakar, Senegal. However, Reiter emphasizes that this workshop does not focus on complicated drumming patterns and that it is not necessary to have had any musical training. Participants explore drumming and percussion in an atmosphere of fun, openness and spirituality.
      Reiter observes "When communicating with words, only one person speaks at a time. But when drumming, everyone can communicate at the same time by listening carefully and responding sensitively. This can generate a joyous feeling of unity and power."

NYT Article
The New York Times recognizes Richard Reiter
as one of the area's busiest drum circle facilitators.

Download article as .pdf


Richard Reiter discusses drumming
in Bergen Record
Richard Reiter workshop at Festival of Arts & Spirit (Star Ledger)

     For twenty years Reiter led a workshop for adults and mature teenagers every month at the First Congregational Church, 40 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ. This event was sponsored by Outpost in the Burbs, which is a nonprofit, interfaith, adult community outreach program of the church.
     In addition to adults, children and families love this activity. Reiter has guided this workshop at Glen Ridge Upper Elementary School and The Montclair Kimberley Academy, and for families at First Night South Orange/Maplewood.
     At his workshops, Reiter provides many African and Latin American drums, but participants are also encouraged to bring something percussive: drums, shakers, rattles, etc., as well as any household objects that make intriguing sounds (metal boxes, pots, ashtrays...).
     Spiritual Drumming can help people learn about themselves, experience a closeness with their fellow drummers, become more in touch with both the tactile and spiritual worlds, and feel more exuberant about being powerfully alive.


Richard Reiter workshop at Glen Ridge School (Glen Ridge newspaper) Richard Reiter workshop at Outpost in the Burbs (Verona-Cedar Grove Times)


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