Musician (saxophones, clarinets, flutes), Band Leader,
EMMY Award winning Composer, Educator,
Leader of Spiritual Drum Circle
Spiritual Drum Circle Workshop
Team Building in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut,
Pennsylvania -- everywhere!
  The Richard Reiter Swing Band - Swing and Classic Rock
for concerts, dances, weddings, corporate events...
CD: Swing This
  The Richard Reiter Duo, Trio, Quartet - elegant jazz/pop/classical background music
  Richard Reiter Afro-Jazz Project
CDs: The Best of Richard Reiter, I Hear Africa, The Time Has Come, Point of No Return, Listener Friendly
  The Richard Reiter Jazz Ensemble - straight ahead jazz
CD: Live at China Gourmet
Richard Reiter performs sounds of the Caribbean with his steel pan (steel drum) and flute
  Richard Reiter Productions Inc. - original music for films, TV, radio, commercials, theater, dance

Biography of Richard Reiter, internationally recognized jazz performer on saxophones, clarinets, flutes

  Richard Reiter - resumé
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36 Catherine Court, Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009 USA
Land Line (973) 857-2557 • Cell-Voice/Text (973) 865-3657

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